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Homebuyer's Guide

     Buying a home can feel overwhelming.  We are always here to assist you every step of the way. 

Step One:  Consultation Meeting

It all starts with a conversation. Everyone has different financial situations, challenges and goals. We want to get to know you so we can best determine how we can best serve you.  Together we determine your home-buying and financing needs--what kind of property you are interested in buying and what type of loan will be most beneficial. We evaluate all aspects to make sure the end result fits your best interest, budget and comfort level .

Step Two:  Prequalify to determine how much house you can afford.

Home ownership should enhance your life--not add more stress. We determine what loan amount you can comfortably afford, we take into account your household income, monthly debts and the amount of savings you can allocate for a down payment.  We'll take a look at your credit report and guide you in improving your score and clearing up any discrepancies.  You can get a head start by obtaining a free annual report from

Step Three:  Start Saving!

It's suggested to have three months housing payments (PITI-- Principle, interest, taxes, and insurance) AND all your monthly expenses, in reserve before you purchase a home.  Also take into account what you will need  any upcoming expenditures or a rainy day.  We can determine exactly how much down-payment you will need.

Step Four:  Finding your home.

With the prequalifying in place--now it's time to find your new home.  Your realtor will present a few options a location that is both desirable and affordable with features that fit your desired lifestyle and families needs.

Step Five:  Make an Offer!

You've found the right home. Now your realtor will help you determining the appropriate initial offer and negotiate with the seller and clarify any questions during the negotiations.  

Step Six:  The Purchase Agreement

You and the seller have come to an agreement on the purchase price.  Now The purchase agreement is written up. It is the the legally-binding contract that includes the the names of all parties involved in the transaction--buyer, seller, buyer's agent, seller's agent, mortgage broker/banker, the property address and legal description, sales price, down payment, deposit and loan amount.

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